Cider complements a wide range of foods. Here are some ideas.



Baked Brie or Camembert wrapped in filo dough, a wedge of Cougar Gold Cheddar, sliced apples, pears, and other tart fruits pair well with our off-dry SmashApple cider.

The salty and savory of the cheeses is cut with the tart acidity and slight sweetness of the cider, tied together with fresh local fruit.



We really like Dry Cherry (Cerise sèche) or Dry Cot; these two ciders dry, tart, and have enough tannin and body to hold up to the salt and fats from the proteins (turkey or tofu), complement a traditional brine and dry-rub well, and play nicely with savory roasted veggies, stuffing, gravy, and breads. You can try our Wee-Sour cider if you want something just a little less dry. Barrel-aging, tannins, a little tartness, and a hint of sweetness make it a great pairing for the main-course.



A mulled cider goes really well with pumpkin or pecan pies, but the Bluet Pass Rosé may be the right choice for dessert, especially if any type of chocolate is involved. A light blueberry note, mild tartness, and moderate carbonation are sure to pair with sweeter fare.