Archibald James

Minimal-intervention wines and ciders, handmade from start to finish.


Our ciders

Beautifully balanced, dry & delicious

Our wines

Arriving summer 2019

We handcraft delicious beverages in the heart of Washington’s wine and apple country. The world’s best fruit is in our backyard, and we celebrate this bounty by creating wines and ciders that highlight the natural characteristics of the produce.

We believe in minimal intervention, letting the native characteristics of the fruit shine through. That means we press whole, organic fruit on site, taking the time to age the juice with minimal sulfites and without artificial additives.

Our ciders don’t need extra sweetness. Starting with the best fruit, and taking great care to age the juice properly, we achieve a refined and nuanced product—without dumping sugar on afterwards. Most of our ciders are completely dry, but when we want a slightly sweeter product, we blend in unfermented juice to balance the acidity and add character. We don’t use sugar to cover up mistakes.

Our wines celebrate the grape varieties and the places they were grown, with a focus on balance and nuance rather than heavy extraction and oak. We are experimenting with a variety of grapes and winemaking styles, and our products will exemplify a deep and unique character.

Long traditions of family farming leave us with the greatest respect for our natural environment. Our namesake exemplified these values, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the natural bounty of our region.