Our ciders are made just like wine. 100% fruit, pressed and aged properly.

This is cider for wine lovers. If you're not usually a cider fan, we might surprise you.

We prefer the drier side of cider, pure and unmasked by sweeteners or additives. We press organic apples on-site, then age the juice in stainless tanks and oak barrels. Like wine, many of our ciders cellar exceptionally well in the bottle. Sometimes we even bottle-condition our ciders, like Champagne, allowing carbonation to develop naturally.

Starting with the best fruit, and taking great care to age the cider properly, we achieve a refined and balanced product.

Continual experimentation

We're always developing new styles and co-fermentations, from apricot to cherry, rhubarb to lavender. Stop by our tasting room and join our club to sample our latest creations.

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Cider List

Our ciders are handcrafted in small batches and released on a rolling basis. Most products are one-offs available to club members for a limited time. Some products are reproduced with minor barrel-to-barrel variations and are available year-round. See online shop for current availability.

Heritage Dry Ciders (deliciously dry, made from unique apple varieties)

  • Yarlington Mill (classic English bittersweet, aged in neutral oak for 9 months, then bottle-conditioned)
  • Spitzenburg (bottle-conditioned North American heirloom with delicate aromatic qualities, clean, light in body, moderate acidity)
  • Diamondback Blend (Muscat de Bernay, Chisel Jersey, Bramley Seedling, Harry Masters Jersey, Golden Russet)
  • Kingston Black (bottle-conditioned, barrel-fermented and aged dry cider)
  • Wickson Crabapple (bottle-conditioned, barrel-fermented and aged dry cider)
  • Cider-Apple Field Blend
  • Dry Winter Blend

Heritage Off-Dry Ciders (heritage apple varieties with a touch of residual sweetness)

  • Mélange Temps I (field blend of heirloom and crabapples, barrel-aged 14+ months)
  • Heirloom Field Blend
  • Cider Blend 319
  • Peachy-Cot

Cellar Series: Seasonal Small Batches

  • ΩhM (heirloom apples fermented on the skins of Orange Muscat)
  • "Better Together" Collaboration Cider
  • Pippin-Skeena (dry, Pippin apples co-fermented with Skeena cherries)
  • Dolgo Blackberry Sour
  • Cot in the Rain (off-dry, co-fermented with organic apricots, backsweetened with pinot gris)
  • Cot in the Sun (dry, co-fermented with organic apricots)
  • Cerise Sèche (dry, co-fermented with a blend of organic local cherries)
  • Bluet Pass (organic Minneiska apples co-fermented with organic blueberries)

Organic Dessert Apple Ciders (made from the kind of apples you'd find in the grocery store)

  • Thai'd Up (off-dry cider co-fermented with lemongrass, ginger, basil, turmeric; 2018-2020)
  • SmashApple (off-dry cider, like biting into a fresh apple; 2018-2020)
  • Dry-Sider (deliciously dry cider; 2018-2020)
  • Solstice Cyzer (dry cider co-fermented with buckwheat honey and lavender; 2018)

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